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The sunset and sunrise often highlight warm red and blue colors, the dancing shadow, and soft light, hence serving as a magical feast to your eyes. As the sun disappears below the horizon during dusk, it paints the sky red that leaves you with the feeling of taking an Instagram-worthy shot or pure moment of meditation. Singapore is bestowed with plenty of magical places where you can catch a bird’s eye view of the sunset and sunrise. If you are drawn to the amazing sight of the sunrise and sunset, which reflect the natural beauty of planet earth, then this article is designed for you.

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1. Punggol Waterway Park

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The Park is located along Sentul Crescent, and most Singaporeans flock here to enjoy fun-filled leisure activities. Punggol Waterway Park is divided into different themes, including Recreational Zone, Heritage Zone, Nature Cove, and Green Gallery. The Park has a unique bridge called the Sunrise bridge, where most locals come to enjoy the sunset and sunshine at an elevated angle.

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As you wait to catch the sunset, you can stroll through the Park engage in cycling, jogging, and inline skating. Additionally, your little ones are not left out while visiting the Park since they can enjoy playing at the water playground. The best part of the Park is they have many benches placed around where you can sit and relish the cool breeze while listening to soothing sounds of cascading water along the Waterway. At dusk, the sunrise bridge and most benches in the Park are filled with many lovebirds waiting for the spectacular moment to catch the sunset and take postcard-worthy shots.

2. Merlion Park

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Merlion Park is a landmark establishment in Singapore with a unique monument known as the Merlion statue. The statue is the head of a lion and body of fish, often seen spouting water from its mouth and into the Bay. In addition, the statue measures 28 feet in length and depicts Singapore’s heritage. Merlion Park is a popular spot for many tourists and photographers who crowd the place to admire its magnificent beauty.

The Park is bestowed with a breathtaking viewing deck that covers 2,500 square meters,s where you can get a bird’s eye view of the city skyline and the splendid sunset. Ensure to take Instagram-worthy photos at Merlion Park and capture its beautiful scenery, especially the statue as it spouts water. As you chill out for dusk to catch a glimpse of the sunset, you can take a cruise along the river banks.

3. Pasir Ris Park

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If you are looking for a secluded getaway to watch the sunset and sunrise with your entire family, Pasir Ris Park is the destination. The Park is located on the eastern side of Singapore and is a habitat for mudskippers, mud crabs, mangrove trees besides Rhizophora and Bruguiera. Pasir Ris Park is open 24hours every day, making it a perfect haven for camping, provided you inform the management that you will be spending the night there.

You should remember to park a camping tent, a mat, snacks, and refreshments if you plan to spend the night there. The beautiful thing is that you will get a rare opportunity to catch the sunrise when you rise. Imagine lying down on your mat, besides your loved ones, as you enjoy glancing at the sun rising and listening to the beauty of birds chirping while surrounded by lush greenery. You will have a mesmerizing experience that will stick in your memory for a lifetime.

Now that you have enjoyed the sunrise, are you wondering what you will do the entire day at Pasir Ris Park as you await the sunset? Worry not. You can engage in various activities, including bird watching, cycling, skating, or strolling through the Park. The little guys will have a blast at the playground area but mainly the Tayo station, where they will experience adventure. As a family, you can test your navigation skills, forgetting google maps, by walking through the Pasir Ris Park maze. At dusk, everyone is tired, and it’s time to relax on your mats and fall asleep under the stars as you catch a glimpse of the colorful sunset, accompanied by the calming sound of sea waves.

4. Fort Canning Park

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Fort Canning Park is a unique hilltop that represents Singapore’s colonial history. The Park is located far from the busy hustle and bustle of the city, providing you with an isolated place where you can quietly enjoy the sunset. The ideal spot to capture the sunset is at the 48-meter hilltop fount at the Park. Additionally, 9 historical gardens surround the hill, which contains trail guides that assist visitors in exploring the hill at their own pace.

Other features in the Park that make it a have of celebration include sprawling lawns that host concerts, theatre production, and festivals such as Ballet Under the Stars, Shakespeare in the Park and films at the Fort. Most lovebirds exchange their marriage vows at Fort Canning Park venue spaces as they capitalize on its lush greenery and expansive lawns that offer various ancient artifacts, nature, and heritage experiences. Therefore, do not be discouraged because of the distance to Fort Canning Park from the city. Shariot car sharing and rental services will provide you with the most comfortable and affordable ride to the Park to ensure you get up the hilltop for a stunning view of the sunset.

5. Pulau Ubin

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Pulau Ubin is an island sanctuary that provides you with an outdoor escape from the noisy city life. At Pulau Ubin, you will learn about Singapore’s yesteryears by exploring the old-school kampong houses. The Island is located off the northeast coast of Singapore and served as a granite mining hub; however, today, a rich forest and grassland landscape remained. Besides the old-school Island, you can enjoy its rustic glamour and mother nature since it’s a diverse habitat of seagrass lagoons, mangroves teeming ecosystems, and wildlife.

The good news is that you can enjoy a stunning view of the sunset and sunrise since the management at Pulau Ubin provides camping sites all across the Island. If you spend the night at Pulau Ubin, it provides you with a perfect haven for meditatively watching the sunset on this tranquil idealistic Island. There are plenty of activities to relish at the Island, including kayaking, cycling, and hiking. Moreover, explore mother nature by admiring historical sites, besides fish farms, coconut rubber plantations, and traditional villages.

For the best picturesque spot of the sunset, head over to Pekan Quarry and observe it from there. The quarry is surrounded by lush greenery and home to dragonflies and various birds species that you can enjoy listening to their beautiful chirps as you gaze at in the sunset. Ensure to wear comfortable shoes as you visit the Island to explore to the maximum.

6. Marina Barrage

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If you want to enjoy watching the sunset and sunrise within the city, Marina Barrage is the perfect place. Marina Barrage is Singapore’s dam that supplies water to locals and helps alleviate floods while serving as a recreational site. The dam has a rooftop park which is often flooded with people for picnicking, jogging, and kite flying.

In addition, it consists of several elevated sections of grass facing the city skyline; the dam is a perfect spot for catching a glimpse of the sunset. You can access the elevated patch of green space by taking the lift inside the main complex or climbing the futuristic looping pathway that takes you to the top. Imagine arriving at the Marina Barrage when the day’s heat has vanished, and the sky is painted red from the beautiful sunset and colorful kites of all shapes and sizes. The truth is, it presents you with one of the unique opportunities to take the best Instagram-worthy snap as you reflect on the mesmerizing experience that makes your mind go wild.

7. Kranji’s Reservoir Park

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Kranji’s Reservoir Park is a secluded countryside haven, unknown to many tourists and Singaporeans. The Reservoir is a haven of parks and unique activities where you can enjoy basking in the sun or angling at the designated fishing grounds. The Park is ideal for fishing hobbyists and weekend picnickers. You can enjoy watching the sunset or sunrise at the Johor Straits at the Reservoir, where you can bask in the breathtaking panoramic view of the lush green canopies, pavilions, and two fishing ponds.

The fishing ponds ground is divided into two sections; with Ground, A consists of rocky banks with artificial shelters while Ground, B consists of a grassier bank.

You can enjoy mother nature by admiring and taking shots next to the dazzling flora and fauna. Kranji’s Reservoir Park management has designated fishing areas to prevent you from getting into trouble. Additionally, they expect noise to be minimal to enhance the tranquillity of the nature park, hence a guarantee that visitors at the Park can enjoy watching the sunset in a calm and quiet environment, enhancing personal reflection.

8. Yishun Dam

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Yishun Dam is a popular romantic getaway for lovebirds in Singapore, mostly during the sunset hours. The dam provides you with a perfect place to chill and melt all your anxieties as you enjoy a heart-to-heart take with your sweetheart. Besides the fact that the Yishun Dam is an outdoor site, it is rarely thronged with people, thus guaranteeing maximum relaxation that will provide a beautiful treat for your special person.

Another activity that you can enjoy at the dam is fishing and angling, so cast your lines and find out if you can outdo your darling in this fulfilling endeavor. Remember to bring some snacks and refreshments that you relish together at the Park amidst the serenity. You can also stroll or cycle along the dam and burn up some excess calories. Yishun Dam depicts breathtaking views of the marvelous sunset besides planes taking off and landing from the Seletar Airport as it clocks to dusk. Although Yishun Dam is a little too far, it’s worth the travel because, at Shariot car sharing and rental services, we are always quick and available to offer you a ride at this ulu spot to relish the cool breeze, open space, and stunning sunsets.

9. Coney Island

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Coney Island is a rustic green space located in the northeastern part of Singapore. The Island is home to hidden white sand beaches the famous flora and fauna. Additionally, it has beautiful trails stretching across mangroves, coastal forests, grassland casuarina woodlands. The Island is a perfect haven for outdoor cycling, rustic fun, beach adventure.

What’s more, you can benefit from a guided tour around the Island and learn about its history and biodiversity. Ensure to stroll around and enjoy watching the various bird species found on the Island. Although the Island is far and isolated, it can provide a perfect place to catch the mesmerizing view of the sunset since it is less crowded and silent, allowing you to enjoy quality time as you admire and reflect on the beauty of our planet earth. Are you wondering how to get to the Island? Worry no more. Consequently, hurry and ask for a ride at Shariot car sharing and rental services to get you at the Island at a comfortable pace with affordable rates.

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10. Henderson Waves

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Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. The bridge measures 36 meters above the ground and has an unbelievable wave shape, curving and twisting along its length. Additionally, its shape gives it hidden recesses and shell-like niches that allow pedestrians to sit and observe the surroundings. Henderson Waves is a perfect haven for you to enjoy watching the sunset due to its private room to rest. The bridge is a frequent spot for joggers, families with children, and couples during the weekend since it is spacious enough to accommodate many people and maintain privacy.

You can take a walk along the bridge and admire tropical flora and fauna, and walk through the ridges to observe some stunning views of the Island. The truth is, strolling through the long bridge can tire you out. Ensure you do not miss the mind-boggling moment of dusk fall and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

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