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SHARIOT’s Car Sharing Platform Membership Terms & Conditions

Revision 3.0

Update: 05/01/2023

Welcome to Shariot!

Shariot™ is a car sharing Platform initiated and managed by Autobahn Rent A Car Pte Ltd (The Company). Shariot refers collectively to the Website, the Software Application and the Services provided.

1. Shariot & Sharioteer Agreement

1.1 The terms and conditions of the Shariot Car Sharing Platform, which will apply to all Members who are approved and accepted by the Company as a member of Shariot(The Sharioteer).

1.2 The Company may from time to time amend Membership Terms and Conditions. The latest version of the Membership Terms and Conditions will be made available by the Company on any suitable platform, including the Website. The Sharioteer acknowledges and agrees that their continued use of the platform following the changes to the terms and conditions indicates their acceptance of any such changes and in the event of disagreement, the company reserves the right to determine the ultimate interpretation of the terms and conditions.

1.3 Shariot shall endeavour to make available Vehicles for Sharioteers.

1.4 Sharioteers are required to pay all registration, hire and miscellaneous fees as determined by the Company.

1.5 Shariot may suspend or terminate Sharioteer’s account should we have reason to believe that the Terms and Conditions have been violated, which includes but not limited to, Starting Trip without uploading Selfie Photograph as required by the platform.

1.6 Shariot may in its discretion and without providing any reason, refuse any person as a Member or terminate any membership immediately upon notice.

2. Ownership

2.1 All Vehicles, including all keys, computer and electronic equipment, in-car cameras, spare tyres, LTA labels, decals, advertising stickers, relevant documents, tools and other accessories, at all times remain the Company’s property or any subsidiary or authorised company.

2.2 The Company permits a Sharioteer to use a Vehicle in accordance with the Membership Terms and Conditions, in strict compliance with all applicable laws and only for the Vehicle’s ordinary use.

2.3 A Sharioteer has no other rights to ownership of any Vehicles. A Sharioteer shall not transfer, dispose of, sublet or in any way part with possession of the Vehicle. A Sharioteer shall not create any lien, pledge or any other security interest of any form in any vehicle.

2.4 Shariot™ name, logo, the carsharing platform and its related services are trademarked under Autobahn Rent A Car Pte. Ltd.

3. Sharioteer’s Requisites

3.1 The Sharioteer shall be aged between 19 years to 65 years old and possess a valid driving licence for private cars for at least 1 year (12) months.

3.2 A foreign driving licence issued by a country outside Singapore may be considered if such driving licence is construed as valid for use in Singapore conforming to the rules and regulations of The Singapore Traffic Police.


3.3 All payment is to be made by a valid Credit/Debit Card and/or Inter Bank Transfer, and relevant documents of the Sharioteer i.e. copy of original identity card, work pass, passport, driving license and proof of residence is to be provided to Shariot upon registration. Whenever necessary, further verification may be requested by the staff or any authorised person of the company.

4. Shariot Car Sharing Platform & Vehicle Use

4.1 The Sharioteer agrees that the Shariot Platform i.e. Software Application, is primarily used to reserve and book vehicles, and its related services. Other than for the standard use as agreed, no person shall by any means use it for commercial or illegal use. The Company reserves the right to legally enforce applicable laws against anyone found in contravention of this agreement, including but not limited to copyright infringement.

4.2 The Sharioteer may reserve or use vehicles-, subject to their availability and the Company’s prevailing reservation and advance booking requirements. Vehicle usage is applicable only in SINGAPORE AND WEST MALAYSIA (Relevant charges applies for usage in West Malaysia under Clause 11).

4.2 The Sharioteer agrees not to, or permit anyone, or cause the Vehicle to be used for any purpose for which it is not expressly designed for and not to use it for any subleasing, racing, driving tuition, towing, pace-making or for competing in any form of motorsport or any illegal purpose whatsoever

4.3 The Sharioteer shall not use or operate the Vehicle or permit anyone to use the Vehicle;
(a) under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance,
(b) for carrying hazardous or dangerous materials,
(c) intentionally, negligently or in any way or for any reason expose the Vehicle to danger or risk including damage, and vandalism or
(e) for any illegal purposes and in contravention of the Laws of the applicable country.

4.4 The Sharioteer and/or Named Driver is responsible and liable for all legal costs and expenses incurred for and on behalf of the Company for the enforcement of any clause in this Agreement, on a full indemnity basis, in connection with such breach, including any loss or damage arising from the loss of use or loss of or damage to the Vehicle for any reason whatsoever

a) The Sharioteer and/or Named Driver shall be fully responsible for all costs, expenses and fees (including Vehicle recovery expense) and loss of use arising from any breach of the preceding Clauses, and the occurrence of the following which includes but not limited to:

i. Vehicle Accident, fire, theft and any loss caused to the Vehicle;
ii. Fuel, Parking charges, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), Traffic and Parking fines;
iii. Vehicle being seized, forfeited to or confiscated by the authorities;
iv. Reckless or Negligent operation of the vehicle; and
v. Operating the Vehicle under intoxication.

4.5 The Sharioteer shall abide with all Traffic & LTA rules & regulations while using vehicle under Commercial Category (Refer LTA | Commercial Vehicles or and and

5. Payment Terms for Deposit, Reservation & Refund Policy

5.1Upon registration of a Shariot account, the following payment is needed to commence reservation and bookings (Payment by credit/debit card unless specified):

i. Singapore Citizen/PR – a deposit of SGD$100.00
ii. Foreigner/Work Pass Holder – a deposit of SGD$1000.00
iii. 8% GST is payable by all Sharioteers.

5.2 All credit top-up in the Shariot Platform, will be credited to the Sharioteer’s Wallet. The credit top-up is available from a minimum of $30 and Payment Gateway Charges are waived for members.

5.3 During confirmation of booking the relevant hire charges shall be deducted from the Sharioteer’s Wallet.

5.4 Reservation of a Vehicle is based solely on its availability. Each Sharioteer is permitted to reserve ONE Vehicle within the same date and time period.

5.5 The minimum Hire Period which the Sharioteer may book is 1 hour. All hire and related charges of the booking shall follow the listed rates.

5.6 The Company shall be entitled to forfeit and/or retain any part of the Deposit in the event that the Sharioteer breaches any terms or fail to pay any monies owing or due to the Company

5.7 The Deposit only be refunded when the account is closed and the company has confirmed that all dues have been paid for and the Sharioteer has discharged all obligations. The Refund process will be within 60 working days after the last Hire Period or day of closure of the account. The deposit shall not be used to off-set any dues to the Company.

5.8 All refunds, reimbursements, adjustments by the Company to the Sharioteer shall be paid out only to the Shariot Payment Account. Refund as Cash or its equivalent will not be entertained except for Deposit in the event the account is closed and no other obligations.

5.9 The Sharioteer permits to have all applicable charges directly charged and/or deducted to the valid credit or debit card and/or Payment Account during the Hire Period and up to 30 days thereafter.

5.10 The Sharioteer acknowledges and agrees that due to the difference in demand between peak and off-peak hours, booking rates may differ. The company’s decision shall prevail on the final amount payable for the usage of the vehicle.

5.11 In the event of errors in the online pricing, the company shall not be obliged to honour the erroneous rates, and shall have the right to cancel and refund bookings without compensation.

5.12 In the event the Vehicle is returned late by the previous Sharioteer or is not roadworthy, or is due for servicing & maintenance and no alternative vehicle is available, the Sharioteer shall be refunded in the Payment Account.

a) The following Cancellation charges will be borne by the Sharioteer:
i) $0.80 for More than 48 hours prior to commencement of Hire Period;
ii) 40% of the Sharioteer’s Hire Period Charges if between 24 – 48 hours prior to commencement of the Hire Period.
iii) 80% of the Hire Period Charges if less than or equal to 24 hours prior to commencement of the Hire Period.
iv) 100% of the Hire Period Charges if e-voucher credits were utilized to make partial or full payment for any booking.

5.13 The credits that have been deposited into Sharioteer’s wallet are not eligible for any form of return from Shariot. Sharioteer’s are encouraged to utilize the wallet’s remaining credits before their accounts are terminated. Credits that are not utilized before an account is closed will be foreited.

5.14 The Company shall be entitled to forfeit the deposit in the event that the Sharioteer held any pending penalty amounts more than 24 hours.

6. Vehicle Collection & Returning to Shariot Stations

6.1 The vehicle is to be unlocked and inspected before the commencement of the journey from the designated Shariot Station parking lot and the following has to be complied by the

a) Inspection of interior and exterior of the Vehicle for any signs of malfunction, damage, and for overall cleanliness;
b) Upload Photograph/s and report any damage, fault or irregularity to the Shariot carsharing platform; and
c) Unless otherwise specified all Vehicle fuel level shall be ¼ (one quarter) tank or more. The Sharioteer shall upload a photo of fuel gauge in the event the fuel level is less than ¼ (one quarter) and provide petrol receipt for reimbursement compulsory.
The amount of reimbursement is as follows:
When hirers receive with the following number of bars, you will be reimbursed accordingly.
Reserved tank = $40
1 bar = $35
2 bars = $30
3 bars = $ 25
4 bars = $ 20
d) In cases where the above clause is not been followed by and the vehicle’s fuel warning light is illuminated upon the next trip, the company shall deduct all necessary charges including penalty for non-compliance (Refer to Clause 11).
e) In the event the photos are unable to be uploaded on the platform, the Sharioteer shall email the said photographs to

6.2 The Sharioteer acknowledges the presumption that there is no damage or faults with the Vehicle if it’s not reported to the Shariot Car Sharing Platform or alternative communication means (e.g. Email, Customer Service) before driving off from the designated parking lot. With this presumption, all liability will be undertaken by the Sharioteer.

6.3 The Return of Vehicle shall at all times be at the same location as collection (Point A to Point A designated carpark lot). The Vehicle shall be returned at the agreed time and in the same condition, it was taken with all vehicle component parts and accessories intact.

a) The Company reserves the right to impose a penalty and applicable charges at its discretion if the Vehicle is returned late and in an unsatisfactory condition. The charges are including but not limited to the loss of use of the vehicle (Refer to Clause 11). Charges for penalties can be incurred directly from the users original payment method whenever Shariot seems it necessary.

b) The Sharioteer acknowledges that in the event the vehicle is returned late, the insurance coverage shall cease to apply and all consequent liability will be borne by the Sharioteer.

c) In any case, The Company will not be held liable for any lost time if the previous Sharioteer returns the vehicle late or if it is not found at the designated location.Sharioteers are only eligible for a refund in the amount of their reservation and should wait no longer than 15 minutes.

6.4 The Vehicle shall be refuelled as per Clause 6.1(c) and in accordance with the vehicle fuel requirement as indicated by the manufacturer. For all petrol vehicles, a minimum of unleaded Octane 95 (Ron 95) is required to refuel the Vehicle. Where applicable, all diesel-fuelled vehicle is to be refuelled with suitable diesel fuel.

6.5. All penalty and charges to be paid to the Company shall be charged to the approved credit or debit card or Wallet or through Interbank Transfer facility where applicable.

6.6 Upon Return and before locking the Vehicle, the same inspection is required as per Clause 6.1 and report according.

6.7 The Company will suspend or terminate Sharioteer’s account with immediate effect in the event Sharioteer’s failed to upload clear selfie picture and photography of  four sides of reserved vehicle before and after the trip.

7. Breakdown & Accident Reporting

7.1 The Sharioteer and /or Authorised Driver shall report a Breakdown immediately to the Shariot Customer Service & Support Staff and ensure safety in place whilst waiting for recovery and/or replacement. In the event, a replacement vehicle is unavailable, the company shall refund the balance of the hire period to the Wallet of the Sharioteer and a full refund for all other cancelled bookings.
a) The Sharioteer and /or Authorised Driver acknowledges the following would not constitute a breakdown of the Vehicle and charges will apply (Refer to Clause 11):

(i) a punctured tyre;
(ii) Vehicle’s keys are misplaced;
(iii) Immobilisation of the Vehicle caused by an empty fuel tank; and
(iv) any other fault that is due to the careless or wrong use of the Vehicle Component Parts, Mechanical and Computer System.

7.2 The Sharioteer and /or Named Driver shall report an Accident immediately whilst ensuring safety and comply with the following:
a) Notify Shariot Customer Service & Support;
b) Not admit fault or liability for the accident;
c) Obtain the Vehicle registration number(s), Name(s), NRIC/ID No(s), Address(es), Contact Details of the parties involved and of witness(es) if applicable.
d) Take photographs of the damage done to the Vehicle(s) and to the other party’s Vehicle (if
e) Make a report at an appointed Accident Reporting Centre (IDAC Singapore) or Police Report (West-Malaysia) within 24 hours of the accident; and
f) Make a police report in the event an injury is sustained by any party.

7.3. The Sharioteer shall be required to adhere to the above reporting for entry into West Malaysia and has to be liable for any incidental cost (Breakdown Recovery, Towing, Traffic Fines, etc) including theft and loss incurred during Hire Period in West Malaysia.

7.4. Any non-compliance with the above clause by the Sharioteer and /or Named Driver and refusal to render assistance to the Company shall make the Sharioteer and/or Named Driver fully responsible for all expenses, costs and liabilities arising out of the accident.

7.5 A 24-Hours breakdown and emergency service for Towing and Recovery is available in the
event of breakdown or accident. The Sharioteer and /or Named Driver, vehicle fleet partner shall not appoint any unauthorised person or workshop to advise, assess and repair the vehicle. All breakdown and accident are to be as advised and directed by the Company or its appointed agent or authorised workshop or fleet partner.

7.6 The Sharioteer and /or Named Driver acknowledges that in the event of an accident, he or she shall become immediately liable for costs on the following:
a) For the full amount of the Hire Period and subsequent loss of use depending on the duration of the reporting process and repair.
b) For accident reporting, in the event the vehicle is not safe to be driven or unable to be driven, costs for recovery and towing service activation shall apply.
c) In cases where the vehicle belongs to a fleet partner, the Sharioteer understands that the company shall assign rights to the fleet partner to manage and collect the repair costs, insurance excess,etc

d) For all Non-Waivable Insurance Excess i.e. Own damage or 3rd-party vehicle accident, a preapproval to deduct insurance excess amount (if applicable) from the approved credit card/ debit card/ or Payment Account regardless of the insurance outcome (Refer to Insurance Excess under Clause 11). Upon conclusion of the claim, the company shall have the sole discretion to refund (if applicable) the balance of insurance excess amount, less any cost related to the accident.
e) All related recovery and legal expenses in the event that the above is not followed and monies are not paid within 36hrs of the accident.

7.7 For Sharioteers who have opted for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the applicable Reduced Excess (refer to Clause 11) shall apply with the exception of an accident where the vehicle is classified as a total loss by the Insurer or as assessed at the time of the accident by the Company.

7.8 The company will not be responsible for any incidental costs including but not limited to taxi fares due to vehicle breakdown and accident.

7.9 The Company reserves the right to impose a penalty and repair costs for any case of accident or damage to vehicle to a Sharioteer if there is failure to upload selfie picture and photography of 4 sides of reserved vehicle before and after the trip clearly as stated in clause 6.1

8. Disclaimer, Limitation/Exclusion of Liability & Indemnity

8.1 The Company and its appointed agents shall not be liable in any circumstance for any damage or loss caused by the Sharioteer’s reliance on the information relating to and/or use of the platform, and any other services and promotions.

8.2 The Sharioteer and /or Named Driver(s) agree that whilst in possession of the Vehicle all Liability will be Excluded against the Company or any authorised agent, and the Company shall not be liable in any way for any damage or loss whatsoever that he or she might suffer howsoever arising whilst the Vehicle is in possession or use.

8.3 The Sharioteer and/or Named Driver shall indemnify in full against any and all damages, losses, claims, expenses and liabilities including any loss of revenue, indirect damages and legal fees that may be initiated against or suffered by the Company in regards
to any omissions or acts and breach of the Agreement by the Sharioteer and /or Named Driver

8.4 The Company shall not be liable for non-performance of any terms and conditions, including a failure to make available Vehicles at the times reserved if the non-performance or failure is caused directly or indirectly by a Force Majeure.

8.5 Exception to the above, The Company liability for all claims arising from this Agreement (if any) and any other unforeseen claims shall not exceed $150(SGD).

9. Privacy Policy (PDPA)

9.1 The Sharioteer and /or Named Driver agrees that the Company has notified via the platform that it may collect, use and disclose personal data as provided in this Agreement for the following purposes in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012:

a) Confirmation and Verification of Identity;
b Prevention of unlawful activities;
c) Research and Development including Training Purposes and Service Quality;
d) Evaluation & Communication on services, enquiries and any other matters related to this Agreement;
e) Administration, Promotions and Enforcement of legal rights;
f) Assistance and Compliance in accordance with applicable laws of the country, to statutory and government organisations e.g. HDB, URA, LTA, Singapore Police Force, etc.

9.2 The Company shall reserve the right to disclose such personal data to its subsidiary or related companies, authorised agent, 3rd Party service providers and/or other parties, whenever necessary.

9.3 The Company provides the assurance that all personal data shall be properly and responsibly managed to protect the privacy of the Sharioteer and /or Named Driver.

9.4 A written request to the Company is required in the event the Sharioteer and /or Named Driver would like to unsubscribe from any updates or promotions and/or any other matters pertaining to the personal data.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1 The Company does not guarantee the specific make and model of the vehicle that is reserved by the Sharioteer, however, shall provide a similar vehicle, sitting capacity or size.

10.2 The company may repossess or disable any Vehicle used or hired by the Sharioteer and/or the Named Driver, where applicable, should the Company be of the opinion that the Vehicle or anyone is at any risk from the use of the Vehicle and/or for any reason whatsoever.

10.3 The Sharioteer shall not vandalise or remove any decals, label, or any other items that are fixed in the vehicle by the Company.

10.4 The company shall not be held liable for any items lost or misplaced. All Lost and Found items will be disposed of and without compensation to the Sharioteer.

10.5 For all advertisements and promotions including Promo-Codes, the Company shall determine the terms and conditions for the specific promotion and only eligible Sharioteers shall be permitted to utilise it.

a) The company shall not be liable for any error in any advertisement and promotion and has the final say to interpret, withdraw or cancel any promotion without compensation.

10.6 Under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, no person shall have the right to legally enforce any of the terms unless is a party to this Agreement or authorised by the Company for any Vehicle-related matter e.g. Insurance Claim, Recovery Matters, etc.

11. Shariot Charges & Penalty

11.1 The below Charges & Penalties are not exhaustive and any other incident or issue not in the list shall be determined by the Company when necessary.

a) Insurance Excess

EXCESS(Age > 22 Years Old And Driving Experience > 24 months)*(Age < 22 Years Old Or Driving Experience < 24 months)
Car < 1,600ccCar > 1,600ccCar < 1,600ccCar > 1,600cc
Windscreen Excess$216$270$324$378
Own Damage Excess (S.1)$2,700$3,024$4,719$5,043
3rd Party Excess (S.2)$2,700$3,024$4,719$5,043

i) Additional Insurance Excess of $2140 applies for each section for travel to West Malaysia.
*This excess category is applicable only when available and announced on Shariot platform.

b) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)         10% of Total Hire Charges

i) CDW shall reduce the Excess by 50% if applicable.

c) Authorised Driver Charges

i) Authorised Driver with Shariot Account – Waived
ii) Unauthorised Driver – $3,000

d) West Malaysia Charges

i) West Malaysia – $20 / per day
ii) Malaysia Entry Without Disclosure – $350
iii) CDW is compulsory for all overseas travel.

e) Other Charges & Penalty

i) Missing Key – $400
ii) Car Not Returned to designated Carpark Lot/Abandoned – $100/$200
iii) Fuel below ¼ (quarter) Tank – The Sharioteer reporting shall be credited with $20 in the Payment Account and a penalty of $60 for the Sharioteer who breach the minimum fuel requirement.
iv) Late (5-Minute Block or part thereof) – $8
v) Vehicle Lights not Switched Off – $50
vi) Smoking – $500
vii) Unclean – (Stain/Dirt/Mud/Pets Fur, etc) – $150
viii) Tampering or Removing PHV/Shariot Decal or stickers – $300
ix) Minimum rental charge – 1 hour* charge based on selected vehicle and peak category pricing
iix) Loss of usage – $150 per day

* Previously the minimum booking duration was 15 minutes, but after evaluating the feasibility of real world usage for 15 minutes is not likely, and due to errant behaviour of returning cars late without extending the booking, all bookings minimum duration must be 1 hour regardless of the Shariot mobile application allowing lesser duration or otherwise.

12. Adhoc Promotions

No refund shall be given if the value of the Voucher exceeds the amount payable for the transaction. If the value of the Voucher(s) used in a transaction does not cover the full cost of the transaction, the balance must be paid by the Voucher holder.
This Voucher must be redeemed by promotion period.

The vouchers is solely to be use for booking of cars listed on Shariot‘s Apps / Platform.

It cannot be used to offset any extra cost, charges,- penalty or any additional cost incurred by or during the booking.

The vouchers are only applicable to book the cars and are used for the period of the promotion. Advanced booking will be forfeited.

The use of the Voucher is subject to the terms and conditions of the Shariot car sharing apps.
Not withstanding Shariot’s refund/exchange policy, in the event Shariot offers a refund, the value of this Voucher will not be refunded in cash or in any other form. This Voucher will be deemed as void.

Shariot Car sharing apps reserves the right to vary and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, Shariot’s decision is final.
Neither Shariot or its fleet partner shall be held responsible for any claim, demand, loss, cost, expense or liability of any kind whatsoever, arising from or in connection with any transaction or dealing between Shariot and the Voucher holder.

The company shall have the sole discretion to create, remove and re-instate any promotions at any time.