Nothing has changed the world more than COVID-19 in recent times. Various industries have changed the way that they work. One such example is the surge of e-commerce, which saw a massive demand as more and more Singaporeans buy their necessities from online stores. Although COVID-19 has been controlled now to a greater extent, such habits will remain the same.

One such industry is car sharing, which has seen a surge in Singapore. A report shows that car-sharing companies in Singapore have seen a considerable increase in demand of up to 40% in just one year. Although the car-sharing industry is seeing huge demand, will this spike remain the same in the coming years, and what makes car sharing a better option? Well, you will get an idea by reading this article.


Car Sharing is More Affordable than Buying a Car:

Car sharing is a lot more affordable than buying a new car and maintaining it in Singapore. If you purchase a vehicle in Singapore, you will not only have to pay a considerable amount but may also pay some continuous additional charges as well.

You will have to pay a fee for the Certificate Of Title (COT), about an annual $1,590 in car insurance, $600+ for maintenance and repair, $700+ in road taxes, and about $2000 to $3000 for gasoline. A few years back, research conducted showed that an average car remains idle in the parking lots for more than 19 hours a day.

If you only drive your car occasionally, car sharing is the best option as you will only have to pay for the time you use your vehicle. You may be amazed to hear that Shariot is offering car-sharing and car rentals services for just $0.25 for 15 minutes which makes a total fee of $1 per hour. You may not be able to find any other car transportation option that is inexpensive to this extent.


Comfort and Huge Convenience:

The amount of convenience that comes with car-sharing is challenging to achieve with other companies. TribeCar is a company that provides a wide range of vehicle options. Still, you will have to return the car exactly to the place where you picked it up, which is probably not the best option for people who want to drive from one place to another without needing to return it to the starting point.

But when it comes to Shariot, we offer car services and provide you with a designated parking lot near you which is quite convenient than TribeCar return rules. We provide you with a huge convenience and make it extremely easy to return the car without facing many difficulties.

Car Sharing is More Affordable than Buying a Car

Image Credits: UCars


Drive your Dream Car:

If you buy a car, you will only have to use that one for a long time or maybe for your whole life. Car sharing allows you to drive the vehicle of your choice without sticking to the old model. This is not only convenient but a considerable opportunity for the people who love to drive amazing cars.

We have hundreds of car and other vehicle options that provide you with the ability to choose the car that not only suits the occasion or event but also matches your personality.


Fast and Easy to Use Method:

Singapore is a fast-moving place, and people love to opt for services that can get them to their destination in no time. Car-sharing companies have offered applications and websites through which you will get your car registered just by requesting via your mobile.

You don’t have to go to their office and do the paperwork to get your car and start your journey. This is probably one of the biggest reasons behind the surge of car-sharing companies in Singapore.


Viable Option for Large Families:

Large families usually face the problem while they need to visit a place as a whole. It could happen when you go to a family function, but you only own one car, which is not enough for the entire family. In this case, car sharing is the only option.

You will not like to spend money on two cars while you only use both once or twice a year. Car-sharing companies do not just allow you to book multiple vehicles, but you have car options that have about 7 to 11 seat capacity.


Safe and Reliable:

Car sharing companies like Shariot offer 24/7 user support that includes the most professional and experienced team persons. They can help you out in any kind of situation or issue. Also, while keeping the CVID-19 risks in mind, car-sharing companies clean, maintain and sanitise their vehicles in an efficient manner.


Shariot Car Sharing:

Shariot is probably one of the leading car-sharing options,s and there are some solid reasons behind this claim. While using a car from Shariot, you don’t have to pay any membership fee which various other companies usually demand.

The rates offered by Shariot are extremely low or maybe the lowest in Singapore. Shariot offers more than 100 locations at this time while more and more are being added on a regular basis. This factor allows you to pick a car from any location in Singapore and return it conveniently.


Final Words:

In a nutshell, its added convenience, cost-effectiveness, options, and comfort, car-sharing services are definitely worth a shot!

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