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Start Your Own Car Sharing Platform

In Just 30 days!

Experience The Difference

Why us over you starting from scratch

Dashboard analytics

With real-time tracking and insights into engagement, rentals, and revenue, you gain actionable intelligence for growth. From identifying high-demand areas to optimizing fleet distribution, our analytics empower confident, data-driven decisions. 

Our Dashboard  provides a robust platform for understanding user behavior, facilitating scaling decisions, and optimizing efficiency.

Seamless App UI

Our Seamless App UI redefines hourly car rentals, simplifying booking to payment. With intuitive navigation, booking a vehicle is effortless, and our user-friendly payment system offers seamless transactions.

Experience convenience and efficiency in hourly car rentals with our intuitive interface.

Marketing Initiatives

Our app offers diverse marketing initiatives to boost engagement and growth. From the interactive Spin and Win feature to voucher codes for hourly car rentals, users enjoy rewards and discounts. We also have In-app notifications to keep users updated on news and promotion

Our app marketing initiatives work together to foster user engagement and encourage app growth.

Package Pricing

Future-Proof Business: Quick Launch, High Profits

(USD) $800
per day
  • Cost Efficient pricing: 1 car = USD$5/per day
  • Kickstart: Start with 200 cars for only USD$800/per day
  • Adapt and Grow: At only USD$3 per vehicle, monthly
Package Includes
  • Devices (Hardware not included): Integration | Settings | Services | Etc
  • Servers: Database | AWS | Etc
  • App Experience: User-Friendly UI/UX
  • Technical Support: Apps | System | Portal | Etc
  • Consulting Services & Staff Training: Advising clients on optimising operations and car sharing services. Staff training included for staff onboarding.

Discover the Future of Mobility

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