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Co-create Sucess With Our Hourly Rental. Be Part of Technology & Let our App Do The Sales For You.

✅ Low Monthly Costing: Enjoy only spending a minimal $2.90 daily platform fee

& Covering key monthly fees: carpark and tracker totalling up to $165.

✅ Special offer: Enjoy a 6-month fee waiver.
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  1. Are there any distance or mileage caps?
    There are no caps on the distance traveled or the accrued mileage. Users simply pay for the time they need and use the vehicle as their own. Users will be required to pay for their own fuel along with using their NETS Cash Card for any parking/road fees.

  2. What is the duration to book?
    Minimum of 1 hour.

  1. Can I choose my own location?
    A: Yes. But subject to location availability and HDB approval.

  2. Does Shariot allow Malaysia entry?
  1. What type of vehicle can be registered for Shariot?
    In General, we accept all cars make and models including COE vehicles except commercial vehicles.

  2. How many cars can I supply & register on the platform?
    Min 1 Max 5.

  3. What if I want to add more cars?
    We are open to negotiations. There is no minimum quantity for adding of vehicles.
  1. How much do I have to pay?
    Our platform fee is only $2.90 per day.

  2. How do I get my pay-outs?
    Via Bank transfers or cheque

1. Do you have a Tracker?

2. Do you have or accept any blacklisted customers?
No, we do not accept any blacklisted customers. We will do a manual and Sing Pass identification verification on our system.

3.How do I monitor my car performance?
We have a dealer admin portal for individual dealers to log in to view on each car performance and the location where the vehicle is placed.

4.How do we keep track of our car or maintenance schedule, etc?
We have an account manager managing your account and informing the maintenance needs for your respective vehicles.


What type of vehicles falls under the category of  Standard cars, Standard Plus cars and Premium cars?

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