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Singapore is a beautiful island, bestowed with some of the most iconic architectural marvels and the most spectacular bridges globally. Although most of the bridges are built in all shapes, sizes, and heights, the good thing is you don’t have to put a hole in your pocket to explore their unique construction and appearance that will get your heart racing.

The beautiful bridges not only link Singaporeans together but provide ease of travel and walking from one point to the other. Additionally, you can enjoy a walk, go sightseeing and take a ride along with the suspension and vehicular bridges. Most locals and tourists throng to some of these bridges to relish an elevated view of the Singapore skyline, catch a glimpse of the sunset or sunrise, and stargaze with their loved ones. If you wonder where to start exploring the spectacular bridges in Singapore in 2022, Shariot car sharing and rentals services have prepared this article to help you.

1. Helix Bridge

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Helix Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges and most iconic landmarks in Singapore. The pedestrian bridge is located at the Marina Bay Links Marina Centre with Marina South. Helix Bridge is a double helix built using stainless steel and has a 280 meters walkway.

Most tourists and locals frequent Helix Bridge to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Singapore skyline and nearby attractions. Since the bridge has an art gallery open to the public, you can give your eyes a feast by admiring unique children’s paintings and drawings. The bridge is best for an evening walk with your special person since you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Singapore.

The ideal time to blast at the bridge is during nightfall, when the whole place is touched-up with dazzling LED lighting. If you are fortunate enough during an evening stroll, you enjoy the Museum arts and sciences event, often showcased on the bridge’s walls. The best bit of the bridge is it provides you with a vantage point for taking Instagram-worthy shots, especially at night. Your access to Helix Bridge is free all day, so hurry and explore this magnificent architectural wonder.

2. Henderson Waves Bridge

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Henderson Waves Bridge is Singaporean’s highest pedestrian bridge on the island, 36 meters above the ground. The wonder bridge imitates the undulating shape, curves, and twists along its entire 274-meter length. Moreover, its shapes provide hidden recess and sell-like spaces, where persons on the bridge can sit and observe their surroundings. Henderson Waves Bridge links Telok Blangah Hill Park with the sprawling Mount Faber Park.

The bridge provides ultimate privacy and room to rest, making it a favorite spot for families, lovebirds, and joggers during the weekends. In addition, Henderson Waves Bridge turns into a spectacular haven from 7 pm to 7 am every night as it illuminates to stunning effect of the LED lighting. Most Singaporeans and tourists love visiting the bridge at dusk fall to experience the sunset and if you are patient enough, linger around the bridge to catch a bird’s eye view of the bright sunrise.

Although the bridge is a go-to place for most people, it is never overcrowded since its spacious enough to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians without causing traffic. You will relish an outstanding outdoor experience, walking through the top of the forests as you admire mother nature, including flora and fauna and birds in their natural habitat. The bridge provides you with a perfect spot to catch panoramic views of Singapore.

3. Alkaff Bridge

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Alkaff Bridge is famously known as Singapore’s first Art Bridge since its painted with more than 55 different colours and 900litres of paint. The pedestrian bridge is located along the Singapore River at Robertson Quay. The bridge is a landmark of Singapore’s heritage with its tongkang shape, which signifies a light boat used to transport goods along the Singapore river in the ancient days.

Alkaff Bridge is named after a famous Arab family, among the wealthiest people in Singapore during the 20th century. Suppose you are looking for a budget-friendly iconic bridge to visit in Singapore, head down to Alkaff Bridge, where entry is free. The colourful bridge provides you with an ideal platform to relish an evening walk with your significant other and take panoramic photo shoots for a memorable experience.

Besides the dazzling colours that add beauty to the bridge, it is bestowed with a bright lighting system that accentuates the colours with a panoramic view. Since the entire structure is lit up from top to bottom, you are guaranteed to get the best view of the sunset and Singapore skyline.

4. Esplanade Bridge

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Esplanade Bridge is a famous bridge in Singapore that connects Merlion Park in the south and Esplanade theatres in the north. The bridge covers 261-meter and is a pedestrian and vehicular Passover spanning over the mouth of the Singapore River. Additionally, the arched bridge has four lanes with pedestrian footpaths on either side, and it was built to ease car traffic from the nearby Anderson bridge.

During special occasions in Singapore, including National Day celebrations and New Year’s Eve, the Esplanade bridge is often closed for vehicular traffic to ensure pedestrians who flock here in thousands a safe location to gather. The best bit of Esplanade Bridge is it will provide you with a crystal view of the waterfront, Marina Bay and Merlion Park. The bridge is installed with hundreds of colourful vertical flags illuminated by kaleidoscopic lighting, thus providing you with a beautiful scene of the surrounding areas and a perfect photo spot.

5. Benjamin Sheares Bridge

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The architectural gem is among Singapore’s longest and tallest bridges and is a famous vehicular flyover. Benjamin Sheares Bridge consists of 8 lanes and a pair of two-meter-wide pedestrian footpaths. Moreover, the bridge passes over Kallang Basin Bay and serves as a passage for the free movement of ships. The bridge is named after the second President of Singapore and is a busy vehicular Passover.

Although the bridge is too hot to walk over, you can go under the bridge at the starting point to get respite from the sun and shade. After a long walk along the bridge, you can rest and sit on the path by the edge of the Kallang River to enjoy your surrounding or have a drink.

The majestic bridge has a flat, safe running path and is ideal for speed training. Most athletes enjoy training on the bridge since it is well-lit with street lamps, providing sufficient visibility at night. In addition, you can catch a glimpse of various architectural attractions at Marina Bay and the beautiful sunset at Benjamin Shears Bridge.

6. Macritchie Tree Suspension bridge

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Macritchie Tree Suspension bridge is a crucial spectacle of Singapore since it provides spectacular views of the rainforests beneath the walkway, allowing you to explore mother nature. The architectural marvel is not for the faint-hearted since it stands 30 m above ground level. The bridge connects the two highest hills in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and gives you a fascinating view of the lush greenery and waters of the Upper Pierce Reservoir.

You can enjoy a tranquil hike at the Macritchie Tree Suspension bridge and take Instagram-worthy shots as you capture its beautiful scenery. The best thing about walking along the bridge is you will get an elevated view of the treetops and animals in the forest canopy. You can access the Macritchie Tree Suspension bridge from the Macritchie Reservoir Park or start at the Windsor Nature Park.

Since the suspension bridge is a narrow and one-way pathway, you cannot return via the bridge; instead, you will use the forest path below. If you want to cut down some calories, head down to the suspension bridge since the walkway’s length is about 250m, and its highest point is 25m. Therefore, wear comfortable shoes and carry snacks and enough water since an adventurous walk may take around a 7 to 10 km hike.

7. Cavenagh Bridge

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Cavenagh Bridge is a historical and ancient suspension bridge across the Singapore River. Besides, the bridge is the only one in Singapore that survived intact in its original form since its construction in 1869. The bridge was built to ease the connection of the Commercial Square on the south bank to the government quarter on the north bank of the river. The bridge was built in Glasgow and shipped to Singapore in sections assembled by Indian convict labourers.

The bridge is dedicated for pedestrian use only, and no vehicles, cattle, and horses are allowed to cross as indicated on the signages placed at each end of the bridge. At the end of the bridge, you will enjoy admiring an undeniable cute bronze family of cats. Cavenagh Bridge is an architectural marvel that provides you with a perfect place to stroll as you relish the serenity of the Singapore River.

Additionally, you watch ferries and boats go about below the bridge as you hang out at the bridge. The best time to visit the Cavenagh Bridge is at nightfall when the entire place is adorned with light making it look heavenly. The bridge provides you with an ideal platform to take amazing photos besides sculptures depicting life back in the days of yore which are available on the southern side.

8. Elgin Bridge

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The architecture gem was built in the 1800s and served as a footbridge for the Chinese merchants and Indian traders. Elgin Bridge links the North Bridge Road and the South Bridge Road and transport pedestrians and vehicles. Today’s concrete bridge replaced the ancient one in 1929 and retained its name.

The bridge has a unique feature consisting of two cast-iron lamps with medallions on either side, with an inscription of the Singapore Lion. The lights turn the bridge into a beautiful haven at dusk fall as they are portrayed in different glowing rainbow colours and intermittently change to other shades. You can enjoy a quiet evening walk with your significant other at Elgin Bridge as you admire the beautiful Singapore River. Elgin Bridge is an excellent place to take iconic pictures as you capture a different aspect of the riverfront lights.

9. Anderson Bridge

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Anderson Bridge is a historic bridge located at the mouth of the Singapore River, which facilitated trade and transport links necessary for the city’s growth. The bridge was constructed in the 1900s and lay adjacent to the Cavenagh bridge. The Anderson Bridge eliminated the need for boatmen to ferry passengers across the river by connecting the river’s south bank with the north.

One of the critical features of Anderson Bridge is the ornately decorated arched iron doors at both ends, allowing people to know the beginning and the end of the bridge’s journey. Additionally, you will see bronze lamps hung on the bridge’s arches. Since iconic buildings with beautiful sceneries surround Anderson Bridge, it provides you with a clear view of Singapore and an opportunity to take some aesthetic shots. The bright-coloured lighting on the bridge turns the place into an exceptional haven where you can enjoy an evening stroll with your loved ones.

10. Jubilee bridge

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Pedestrians regularly throng the magnificent piece of architecture resting upon the Singapore River and throughout the day. The bridge is supported by two main columns that carry its entire weight. It lies adjacent to the Esplanade bridge, and it was created to cater to large crowds, can carry at least 2000 people. The bridge is often linked to Singapore’s modern history, forming part of the 8km heritage trail around the Civic District.

The bridged is a popular go-to place for most Singaporeans and tourists since it adds to the city’s vibrancy, inspiring one to enjoy a walk along its pathway. The best bit of visiting the Jubilee bridge is you will enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. Moreover, the dazzling multi-colored night lighting enhances water reflectivity giving you mesmerizing experience.

The bridge is installed with crowd separation barriers to ensure safe circulation during events and large gatherings. You can take advantage of the numerous spots at the bridge to take good selfies and landscape photos of the Marina Bay waterfront.

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