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Singapore may be a small Island-city, but its cultural diversity and modest metropolis shaped by Asian standards make it an exciting place to visit. Its neighborhood is rich in cultures built from centuries of immigration from China, Malaysia, and India.

Different cultural practices from these immigrants can be seen in Singapore’s delicious cuisines, making the Island one of the world’s best destinations for foodies. Singapore’s neighborhood meals will not disappoint you, from hawker stalls to high-end dining places.

Though many people prefer renowned landmarks like the sparkling new Jewel Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, and the Raffles, exploring Singapore’s interiors and distinct district will reveal the untapped beauty that many city Singaporeans are missing.

We invite you onboard Shariot to the most delightful neighborhood in Singapore you should spend time with your family. Don’t be satisfied with only central city life; take a plunge and discover your Islands beauty with us.


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Chinatown is delightful and polished for foreign and local visitors. It is rich in stores selling similar souvenirs, and its outward appearance resembles a town meticulously built. However, there is more to Chinatown than its colors and outward appearance.

This town has one of the most popular tourists spot- Telok Ayer Street, one of the city’s fantastic dining and nightlife places. Chinatown is home to modern rooftop bars and starred restaurants, offering unique dishes and drinks, and one such restaurant is My Awesome Cafe, known for its healthy meals.

Kreta Ayer Road in Chinatown hosts various significant landmarks, including the Hindu temple and mosque. At the same time, Telok Ayer is home to Thian Hock Keng Temple– Singapore’s oldest Chinese spiritual center where survivors from the Chinese journey would come to pray and give thanks.

China town is endowed with several places calling for you to visit and explore. Consider some of them:

China Heritage Center has buildings that replicate the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by sundry stores, tailor shops, and crowded living quarters. As you walk through the center, you will be taken back to the ancient days by the audio conversations and ambient soundscapes.

The people’s park complex: You cannot complete your tour of Chinatown without visiting the People’s Park Complex. This masterpiece represents the architectural ingenuity of the 1970s built using raw concrete before it was reborn with yellow. This complex will find jewelry stores, street snacks, and electronic goods.

The Affogato Lounge: We would not leave Chinatown without whetting our appetite. The Affogato Lounge satisfies your desire for deserts with unique affogato cakes you will not find anywhere else.

Apart from deserts parlors, Chinatown is full of restaurants like Chong Qing grilled fish, Olivia restaurant, Esquina, and Burnt Ends with authentic, delicious meals from fish to roasted meat.

Little India

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India is a neighboring country that many Singaporeans long to visit but may lack the resources and the time to travel there. However, Singapore brings India to the Island through its Little Indian town. Once in this city, you will unmistakenly think you are walking in the streets of Mumbai.

The shops sell gold chains displayed behind shining glass counters, hand-tied garlands are hung on almost every outdoor stall, and sweet-smelling cardamom fills the air. You may be reminded that you are still on Singapore’s soil when you spot the country’s orchids being sold at the market.

Though Singapore’s social policies discourage the establishment of ethical territories, Little India has beaten all odds to remain a cultural and commercial hub for Indians in Singapore. The first Indian immigrant chose this area to rear cattle because of its better water source.

Here you can buy many goods from a 24-hour Mustafa shopping mall at considerably lower prices. If you are looking for delicious meals, you can pay a visit to one of the city’s oldest restaurants- Ananda Bhavan and have your fresh deep-fried bread or puri snack.

Furthermore, you can learn the region’s history by stepping Indian Heritage center. Little India’s history is brought to light at the centre using classical portraiture and augmented reality, helping visitors fully grasp Singapore’s cultures.

India is not complete without temples, and one such biggest landmark temple, the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, is found in Little India. Residents often stream here in the evening after a day of hard work to give thanks. There are many activities and things to marvel at in this part of Singapore that leaves you fulfilled.

Tiong Bahru

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In Little India, you find a plethora of traditional culture; however, Tiong Bahru provides you with Singapore’s most incredible and sleekest things. This village is the hideaway for many expatriates attracted by its feel and unique buildings.

You do well to come with a shopping bag and explore the Tiong Bahru market. On the market’s ground floor, you will find bargaining stalls where you can buy various goods, from cheap clothes to dried goods. Climb upstairs to the second floor for all sorts of food at specious tables with breezy air. Here you can enjoy the famous Sihui Kuih prawn noodles to the full and many other delicacies.

Mouthwatering food is also available from the surrounding bakeries and restaurants, including the Bakalaki, Flock Café, Starter Lab, and Plain Vanilla bakery. You will leave Tiong Bahru feeling satisfied at reasonable prices, and who knows, you could carry some takeaways home.


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Geylang may have a shady reputation as Singapore’s red-light district because of its many brothels, but it has its beauty too. This neighborhood is beaming with every nook and cranny, decent restaurants, and hosts the iconic Peranakan shophouses. Here you will find the durian- the famous King of Fruits, crab bee hoons, and frog legs porridge. If you want to relish your food cravings and explore culture, drive yourself to Geylang.

While here, why not hop onto your bike and cycle down Geylang River for an exhilarating experience. If you have longed for a hot bath outside your home, you can head to the g.spa- Singapore’s public bath spot that will remind you of the famous Chinese hot springs. Don’t stress carrying anything; they will provide you with robes, swimming tanks, and towels. You can choose a hot or cold pool to improve your blood circulation in the locker room. If you are not bathing, you can relax in the common areas with a personal TV screen or enjoy a buffet.

Of course, you can expect awesome cuisines in Geylang’s restaurants. Some of these restaurants you can visit to have a taste of your favorite meal include Sin Huat Seafood, G7 Sin Ma, No Signboard Seafood, and more.

Holland Village

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If you are looking for a place to settle in Singapore, consider Holland village. It has beautiful surroundings and has all types of works. This neighborhood has it all, from buzzing water holes to cute cafes, beauty parlors, and local and international eats. You can enjoy your work here and relax on the weekends without leaving the area.

It is named after a famous Dutch actor and architect, Hugh Holland. Today, it is a laidback neighborhood hosting expatriates and locals. Singapore’s bohemian enclave is nicknamed since it has numerous independent fashion labels, hip eateries, art, and design studios.

Holland village is also endowed with several fitness studios for those who want to improve their fitness and lose some pounds. Book your Shariot and have fun at Holland with your family at one of its fun facilities.

Choa Chu Kang

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This compound name sounds like a popular TV icon known for wearing yellow boots- Phua Chu Kang. The word ‘kang’ means riverbank, while ‘chu’ refers to owner. On the other hand, ‘Choa’ is the first Kampung headman settled by Chinese immigrants, and the immigrants were famous for gambier and pepper plantations along the riverbanks.

The population expanded with the plantations, and now most Choa Chu Kang parts are grown by poultry farms and vegetables. You will also find Thai eateries, HBD flats, golf courses, and sports centers.

What are some things you can do at Choa Chu Kang? You can enjoy the underwater creatures by visiting Qian Hu Fish Farm with over 100 fish species daily swimming through their natural habitats. You can even have a fish spa, allowing Garra Rufa fishes to remove dead skin cells off your feet. If you have an aquarium at home, you can purchase a suitable fish species here or pet foods.

If you love agriculture, you can gain insight into farming through a guided tour of Kok Fah Technology Farm. Sports lovers are also not left out with Choa Chu Kang sports center showcasing table tennis, badminton courts, water slides, and street soccer court. You can also demonstrate your golf skills at Warren Golf and Country Club.

Where to eat at Choa Chu Kang?

Like many Singaporean neighborhoods, Choa Chu Kang is inundated with several food zones and restaurants. For instance, Oh My Mango serves sweet tooth visitors and locals with mango-centric deserts. You can enjoy their excellent toast, frappe, and ice cream at low prices.

If you need real food, you can try prawn noodles from Lai Heng restaurant served dry or soupy. Or have a taste of Thai food at 803 Thai Food restaurant. Choa Chu Kang has all the tasty Singaporean meals, including those you have not tasted in a while.


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When you enter Clementi, you see a thriving and vibrant town southwest of Singapore, but what you don’t know is that this place was swampland and kampungs. From 1887 to 1893, this region was governed by Governor Sir Cecil Clementi, hence the place’s name. Clementi is Singapore’s HBD town settlement, and today it has impressive historic rail tracks, food options, bars, and top schools.

What activities and places can you visit in Clementi?

Clementi is a beautiful Singapore neighborhood with several exciting tourist sites. The Jurong Railroad track is a famous Insta-photo place for many visitors in this region. Clementi Wood Park is another place worth visiting, offering visitors ideal jogging or strolling sites.

Clementi is home to numerous restaurants serving your favorite meals if you are hungry. You can enjoy boneless chicken coupled with boiled rice at Evertop Hainanese restaurant. Or you could opt for a French roast or fried chicken dish at Summer Hill restaurant as you witness the beautiful sunset.

Sweet tooth and dessert lovers can also enjoy their visit to Clementi, with an Ice scream scoop available at the Daily Scoop bakery. Clementi offers everything needed to make your visit here memorable, from shopping zones to delightful eateries.


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Don’t be deceived by the current bustling suburban town and ask where are the woods from which this town got its name. In the yesteryears, Woodlands was heavily wooded, but that has been replaced by concrete forest. Since it overlooks the sea, you can expect many stunning vistas and restaurants with waterfront views to grab a bite.

Here are some things you can enjoy in Singapore’s neighborhood:

Learn about nature at Marsiling Park- Your family can enjoy observing nature, playing, or exercising at the park. As you break your sweat at the fitness corner, your kids can have fun at the butterfly-shaped playground.

Grab your seafood dinner at Senoko Fishery Port- If you come early, you will land your favorite fresh seafood before others grab them and provide your family with a lifetime dinner.

Give your kids a treat at Fu Shan Garden- The Fu Shan Garden provide a perfect playground for your kids among dinosaurs. It is packed with slides and tunnels shaped like pre-historic creatures such as sauropod, triceratops, and tyrannosaurs.

After breaking some sweat at the fitness center, you can refuel Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant. They pride themselves on their mouthwatering local favorites, satay, Western dishes, and barbecued seafood.   Other eateries you can visit include AI- Ameen Eating House, Black & White Rojak, DuitSg, and more.

Shariot Your Easy Ride to Singapore’s Neighborhood

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