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Shariot is a new car rental service based in Singapore, built solely around short-term car rentals for every occasion. Sharioteers (i.e. users) can rent a car for a day from our extensive fleet of vehicles for as short as 15-minutes, or for as long as they need. Shariot is a 24/7 car sharing company that values user experience above all else. We have built the service from the ground up, primarily focusing on delivering the best in customer satisfaction.

Our company aims to be the first personalised car sharing app in Singapore. Our commitment is to ensure the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Shariot is a new car rental service built with you in mind. We have built our car sharing platform with your comfort and ease as our biggest priority
  • We’ve made car sharing hassle-free. There is no documentation to feel out, key exchanges, or constantly changes to rental rates as seen with traditional car rental companies
  • Our state-of-the-art app allows users to swipe to unlock and drive away completely keyless
  • Shariot allows for 15-minute bookings and after hours car rental that allow for more flexibility and usage
  • Our vehicles are conveniently parked within minutes from MRTs throughout Singapore. As we roll out, more locations will be added monthly. To request Shariot cars in an area near you or at your current location, please see HERE.
  • Our car rental rates are the most affordable and start from as low as S$0.25 for 15 minutes.
  • We are first in class when it comes to safety. Our team regularly sanitises and cleans our car fleet on a weekly basis to ensure users a safe experience.

Shariot allows users to book a vehicle whenever the need arises. We give you the flexibility of using a car without taking on any of the cost associated with owning one.

We’re always looking to improve our services to serve you better.

Click here to submit your feedback.

Click here to suggest new locations and we will try our best to add cars there.

Shariot offers a car sharing experience built around an A-to-A car sharing model. What this means is that users must return vehicles rented to the car park in which they originally retrieved it from. With the completion of each trip, users are to park at one of our Reserved Shariot car sharing lots.


There are no caps on the distance travelled or the accrued mileage. Users simply pay for the time they need and use the vehicle as their own. Users will be required to pay for their own fuel along with use their NETS CashCard for any parking/road fees.

Shariot currently offers membership and use of our services to those who meet the required conditions:

  • Age between 22 – 65 years old
  • Singaporeans or PRs who possess a valid Singapore driving licence with 2-years of local driving experience (as indicated on your Singapore driving licence)
  • Foreigner/Work Pass Holder with valid driver’s licence or holding an employment pass with valid Singapore Driving Licence of at least 2-years

To join Shariot, download the official Shariot car sharing app available on iOS and Android devices. Fill in the required information and complete the full registration.

You will be required to upload your IC and driver’s license to be validated. There will be a need for a security deposit, followed by a verification done by our team that will then allow users to access our entire car fleet.

We pride ourself on having a 100% free membership that allows users access to the service without any membership fees or hidden cost. All users of our service however will be required to make a deposit for the use of Shariot’s vehicles. Deposits on the closure of a user’s account are fully refundable. This is solely used as a recourse in the event damage, repairs or mishandling of our vehicles are done.

Registration of your Shariot account requires a small security deposit to begin. This amount varies solely on residency status. The security deposit will be refunded back to you with the termination of membership.


  • Singapore Citizen/PR: S$100.00
  • Foreigner/Work Pass Holder: S$1000.00

Shariot uses a Top-Up system for all of its transactions. More information on top-ups can be found in Payment & Rates.

To start using our service, you must have your account activated. Account activation typically takes anywhere from 1 – 3 days. If you have failed to receive a notification informing you of your account verification status, please contact our customer service team using our 24/7 chat as featured on or under the Account tab on the Shariot app.

Shariot allows users to add 2 additional, secondary users called Named Drivers. To get started, select the Account tab and then, Named Driver.

A Named Driver must register by completing the same registration process, uploading their IC and driver’s licence for verification. The requirements are as followed:

  • Age between 22 – 65 years old
  • Singaporeans or PRs who possess a valid Singapore driving license with 2-years of local driving experience (as indicated on your Singapore driving licence)
  • Foreigner/Work Pass Holder with valid driver’s licence or holding an employment pass with valid Singapore Driving Licence of at least 2-years

Note: Named Drivers must be verified before they can be added to a primary user’s upcoming or future bookings.

Fees associated with Named Drivers are as followed:

  • Shariot Member Named Driver

For users adding a Named Driver that is also a verified Shariot member, there is no additional fee.

  • Non-Member Named Driver

For any non-member of Shariot, there is an additional fee of 30% of the total booking amount.

Adding a Named Driver is the only way in which multiple drivers can use our vehicles under a single account. Any other use of Shariot without authorization will cause for immediate termination of the account as well as penalties from Shariot.

Shariot allows for registered PHV drivers to use our vehicles. For more details on using Shariot to drive as a registered PHV user, contact our 24/7 live customer service agents via the chat icon below.

Using the Shariot app, select Location followed by your selected Shariot Vehicle Class to view available vehicles in your area. We have 300 cars in our car fleet and this figure will hit above 450 in the coming months.

To request a Shariot location to be added to your area, please visit here. More locations will be added after our initial rollout. Please give us time to reach an area near you or your current location.

You have to agree to our terms and conditions prior to signing up. Please read the most updated version found at Terms & Conditions are subject to changes.


Booking a Shariot

Using the Shariot app, select Location followed by your selected Shariot Vehicle Class to view available vehicles in your area.

Before booking, users are encouraged to Top-Up their Shariot Wallet. You will be required to add funds into your wallet to pay for future reservations.

Once your Shariot is selected, proceed to Payment. Users are encouraged to complete bookings within 5-minutes (as seen on reservation countdown) to ensure the availability of their selection. Once your booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation stating the time of reservation, vehicle model, location and the total amount paid.

Shariot allows for immediate bookings, as well as advances bookings with no restrictions. Shariot model types and vehicle classes offered are subject to availability and location.

The minimum reservation length for any booking is just 15-minutes.

Payment & Rates

Shariot uses an e-wallet system referred to as your Shariot Wallet.

You may top-up your Shariot Wallet by using traditional credit/debit cards only.

The wallet can only be topped up by the intervals of S$20.00, S$50.00, S$100.00 and greater.

Unlike other carsharing services, there are NO transaction fees for topping up. Your wallet funds are fully available for the use of our service only.

For amounts over S$100, users are able to top-up using a customised amount.

Once you have made a booking, Your Shariot Wallet will be deducted immediately with the confirmation of the reservation.

Our rates are clear, concise, and simple. We currently offer 3-vehicle classes that determine the rate of the rental. The classes of vehicles (Shariot Saver, Shariot Standard & Shariot Plus) are as seen below:

You will be shown the total before you confirm your booking. The totals mentioned above are without GST. There are NO hidden fees.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces the insurance excess to both own damage and third-party damage by 50% in the event of an accident. Users are encouraged to select CDW on the Shariot app by selecting the CDW box the “Booking Summary” screen. CDW cost 10% of the total rental charges.

Shariot prides itself on having NO hidden charges. That means even the Transaction Fee cost for topping up your Shariot Wallet is waived. With Shariot, you only pay for the time you need. Shariot however does not cover incidental expenses such as fuel, parking, and ERP.

There is NO minimum amount required to be kept in your wallet or to use our service.

While your Shariot membership is active, the credits in your account do not expire.

Shariot does not offer refunds of any kind for the credits deposited into your Shariot Wallet. Users are encouraged to use the remaining balance from the wallet before the immediate closure of their account. Credits not used before account closure will be surrendered over to Shariot.

If your account goes into a negative balance, all future bookings will be cancelled. A user’s account must be in good standings before they can book future Shariots. You will have 24-hours to top-up your account in order to avoid account suspension. After which, you are required to contact our customer service support to rectify any issues.

Shariot members are encouraged to check their balance by visiting their Wallet tab. If you feel that your account has been charged in error, please contact our customer service. If you prefer, you may also email us at

Your Shariot Wallet’s balance can only be spent on trips and are non-refundable. Unfortunately, you are also unable to transfer/gift credits to another Shariot user.

Changes to Bookings

Changes to your booking are not allowed. If you wish to make changes to your reservation, you must first cancel and proceed in making a new booking. Please see our cancellation policy and fees below.

During your booking, you are allowed to extend your trip at any point in time. Simply select Extend Trip to extend your booking for as long as you need. Latest booking extension possible will allow you to view the possible extension time available.

The user is then made to process an additional payment for the extended time added to the reservation.

Note: Changes to booking charges are not allowed. Rental charges from the current booking will carry over into the extended trip.

If there are no immediate options allowed for extending, this means that a member has already booked the vehicle. If this occurs, you are required to return the vehicle at the original trip’s ending time. Failure to return the vehicle will incur late penalties.

Our Cancelation Policy is simple.

  • Cancellation less than or before 24 hours will incur 80% of the rental charge.
  • Cancellation between 24 to 48 hours will incur 40% of the rental charge.
  • Cancellation more than or after 48 hours will incur a S$0.80 cancellation charge.
  • Cancellation after the start time of booking is not allowed.

In the unlikely event of vehicle breakdowns before collecting your Shariot (and with no alternative vehicles made available) a full refund will be credited back to your Shariot wallet.

In the unlikely event of a general breakdown during your reservation, (excluding accidents/faults caused by user) the remaining time will be refunded as credits to your account.

Charges for all bookings will be deducted at the time of booking. In the event you cannot make your booking or you are running late, the full amount will be charged as stated in our cancellation policy. There will be no refunds made available.

Returning your Shariot late will incur late fees. For every 5-minute block (or part thereof) that you are tardy, you will be penalized S$8.00. For each booking, eligibility for free additional time ( Grace Period) is subject to the booking. There is a general grace period of either 5 or 10-minutes prior to ending your trip when available. Availability is subject to each individual booking.

Picking Up & Returning Your Shariot

To locate your Shariot after booking, visit the Bookings Tab and select Upcoming. Here you will be able to see the exact car park number, along with a deck and lot number. The details of the location can be found on the Current Booking screen.

Sliding to Start Trip will result in the immediate unlocking of the vehicle. This will begin your booking and will begin your check-in process.

Shariot doors Unlock/Lock primarily with the use of the Shariot app. If for any reason the app is unable to communicate to the vehicle, Shariots are equipped with an alternative touch keypad located on the windshield. Tap Cannot Slide located under Swipe-to-Unlock to use this function. The following screen should appear featuring a 6-digit code and instructions on how to unlock:

Before starting your trip, Shariot users are required to complete a short check-in to ensure user as the intended driver, the vehicles safety and general maintenance.

Users are expected to take an identifying photo of their face without concealing (excluding religious attire) to clearly identify them as the driver. This is to ensure the user of the Shariot account and the driver are one and the same. Failure to do upon investigation may result in the blocking or closure of users account upon investigation.

Users are expected to capture the exact four angles of the vehicle as outlined. This is to ensure the previous user has returned the vehicle in good condition. Users are also required to verify that the fuel gauge is at least at 1/4th quarter tank level.

With the start of every trip, users are encouraged to report any and all issues. Using the app, please go through the exterior and interior of the vehicle by taking photos of all the issues noticed such as dents, scratches, nonworking lights, or other damages.

Note: You do not want to be held responsible for any damage you did not cause, so remember to thoroughly check your Shariot’s condition at the start of every reservation. In your best interest, please provide us with as many details as possible

Like any vehicle being driven, users should make the necessary adjustments to the rear/side mirrors as well as seats. This includes the adding of their NETS CashCard for parking and ERP gantries.

Select No when asked, “Is the fuel gauge at the indicated level (quarter tank-1/4)?”. We will then require you to send an image of the current fuel level. For your inconvenience, we will compensate you S$20.00 that will be credited to your Shariot Wallet once a brief review by our team has been carried out.

Sharioteers are able to start trips 10-minutes before their confirmed bookings start time. “Shariot Start” is only possible if the vehicle is available for use 10-minutes prior to booking. This is provided for all of our users at no additional cost. A second Grace Period at the end of your booking is available when no subsequent bookings are there. Users will be notified within the final minute of the original booking. 5 or 10-minutes will be given free of charge for the use of returning the vehicle without penalty.

Returning Your Shariot

Returning your Shariot requires the user to reach the returning lot to which the vehicle was retrieved. Once the vehicle is parked (with the handbrake on), please make sure to collect your belongings (including NETS CashCard), removing any trash and debris. Tap End Trip to begin the check out process.

Before successfully ending your trip, users are required to verify they have returned the vehicle at one of the reserved Shariot carsharing lots.

Please return the car back to the same Shariot parking location where you picked it up from. If you are unable to park at our reserved lot due to another vehicle occupying the space, tap No when asked: “Have you returned the vehicle to the designated place?”.

In the provided space, indicate the Car Park Number, Deck Number, and Lot Number you have parked at.

Note: If determined by our Shariot team that the vehicle has not been returned to our designated spots due to negligence from the user, there will be a penalty charged to the users Shariot wallet.

To complete your trip, users are encouraged to take exterior photos of the vehicles 4 different angles as seen in the app. This is to ensure users are documented as returning the vehicle in a good condition.

Users are also encouraged to upload a photo of the current fuel gauge’s level to document that they have returned the vehicle with at least a quarter tank full.

Once photos of the vehicle’s state are submitted, proceed to the next screen. To end the trip simply swipe Slide to Lock Car. The trip is only complete once you have successfully locked the door and our message of End of Trip is displayed.

Sharioteer Tip: Returning just 10-minutes before the end of your trip is the best way to ensure there is time to remove all your belongings as well as thoroughly clean the vehicle for the next user.

Please contact our 24/7 customer support team immediately via the Live Chat function on the app. We will then send a signal to the vehicle to unlock the door for a brief period in order to recover your items. Alternatively, if there is a new user retrieving the vehicle for use, please seek out their assistance to gain access to your items.

Driving a Shariot

Shariots can be parked anywhere but please note all parking cost will be borne by the user with the use of their NETS CashCard or by parking coupon.

Users of Shariot are required to pay for fuel using the correct fuel grade. The vehicles fuel-grade label is located on the inside of the fuel door. Vehicles must be returned with at least a quarter of a tank. Failing to do so will result in penalties.

Car washes, sanitation and all maintenance are to be done by the Shariot operations team. Weekly cleanings of our entire fleet are done to ensure our users the best driving experience.

Users are encouraged to use the provided resources to clean the vehicle after each use. If the interior of the vehicle is dirty upon retrieval (pet fur, cigarette ash, dirt, clutter, vomit, etc), please upload images as well as select the corresponding boxes as outlined during the check-in process using the app. A member of our customer service will respond and take the necessary actions to address your concern.

To ensure your account is not temporarily disabled, please make a payment within 5-days at or at any AXS station.

If no payment is made in the allotted time, we will have no choice but to send your information to the authorities, where they will send you a fine notice separately. If the latter were to occur, an administration fee of S$10 will automatically be withdrawn from your Shariot wallet.

Shariots Maintenance and Breakdown Procedure

All vehicles are maintained strictly by Shariot. Like any responsible driver, users must take note of the vehicle’s engine temperature and warning lights that appear and alert us immediately. If warnings are ignored and there is a vehicle breakdown, any miscellaneous cost associated with its fix may be bore by the user.

Please report any issues to Shariot via our live chat function or send us an email at In extreme cases, users are encouraged to park the car and press the Emergency button.

In the unfortunate event you have been in an accident or vehicle breakdown, please press the Emergency button on the Shariot app. This button is to only be used in case of accidents, vehicle breakdowns, or any major issues you may be experiencing.

A member of our customer service team will contact you to assist you with your next steps.

Note: It is encouraged that users involved in a collision take clear photos of the damages and the accident scene for possible insurance claims.

Unfortunately, no replacement vehicle will be provided for your booking(s)

Please get to safety and press the Emergency button in the Shariot app. A member of our support team will contact you immediately and inform you of your next steps.

In view of COVID-19 precautions, Shariot has partnered with Erst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a leading German-based specialist in sustainable technologies for long term disinfection applied called Erstotizer, a functional surface coating applied to all of our vehicles. This prevents cross-contamination on high-touch points on absorbent and smooth surfaces and provides protection against bacteria and viruses. In addition to that, Shariot’s fleet of cars will be regularly sanitised and cleaned to ensure users a clean and safe experience.

Unlike other car sharing platforms, Shariot solely manages their own fleet of vehicles and functions at a higher rate of repair and maintenance, unseen in the transportation industry. Our focus and promise is ensuring Sharoiteers only the safest carsharing experience available.

Malaysia Use

All of our vehicles are allowed entry into Malaysia. Please select the option of Malaysia Travel Entry when making your booking.

Note: Adding the option of Malaysia Travel Entry while extending your trip is not allowed.

We require users to pay the Malaysia entry fee of S$20 along with the compulsory CDW charge of 10% of the rental charge. Compulsory CDW will reduce hirer excess for own damage per accident & 3rd party excess per accident. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Note:  Unfortunately, CEPAS Autopass Card or Autopass Card will not be provided


Alert us by pressing Emergency on the current booking page and a customer service member will contact you for your next steps.

Users must make a police report and inform Shariot by pressing on the Emergency button on the Shariot app. A member of our local 24/7 customer service team will reach you shortly.

Shariot Account Information

Unfortunately, your Shariot account may have been blocked due to suspicious activity or due to a user infraction having been detected. Please use the Shariot app or’s to chat with our agents. Alternatively, users can email our team at

You can reset your password by going to the Account tab in your Shariot app.

Once there, tap Edit Profile followed by Update Password. The app will require you to enter your old password followed by entering your new password with a confirmation. When done, simply click Save Changes. Your new password is now up to date.

The options in Edit Profile can be used to update your contact number and email address.

If you would like to update other information including your residential address, please contact our 24/7 customer support team. Additional verification may be required. You may also send your request to

Locate the Deposit as seen in Account. Select Request Deposit Refund to check your current refund eligibility. Next, select “I would like to stop the use of the Shariot service and retrieve my deposit”.

Note: Existing credits in your Shariot wallet are non-refundable. Users are encouraged to use the remaining balance before closing the account.

Your deposit should be returned 60-days after the closure of the account. The deposit will be refunded directly to the original form of payment. If you have not received your deposit, please contact our customer support by live chat or by emailing us at


Currently we do not provide car seats for children. Sharioteers are encouraged to buy and use their own.

Yes! Shariot does allow pets. Should you transport your pet, please be considerate of the next user that might be allergic to pet fur and clean up after. You will be fined S$200 if there is fur found in the vehicle.

Smoking is strictly not allowed, even with the windows down. Customers caught smoking will be fined S$500. Holding a cigarette outside the vehicle while driving is still considered smoking.

Please feel free to contact our support team at any time via our 24/7 live chat. Alternatively, you can email us at We will respond to your enquiry within 24-hours.Thank You!

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