Shariot is a 24/7 car sharing company that values the user experience above all else. We’ve built the new service from the ground up, with our primary focus being on what matters most. You.


Our company aims to be the first personalised car sharing app in Singapore. Our commitment is to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction for our users.

Shariot was built to deliver on a fundamental promise to ensure our users a safe and reliable option for transportation. We are a new car rental service for those looking for a level of quality, attention to detail, and personal touch that has yet to be seen in Singapore.

We have come to change car sharing for good. Shariot’s vision is a world where cars are no longer owned but used only on occasion at an affordable rate. Welcome to a Better Way. Your Shariot Awaits.

No Commitment

With Shariot, there is no commitment & no membership fees.


With rates starting at $0.25/15min, Shariot offers the lowest daily car rental rate of vehicles anywhere.


No confusing pricing grids, but a clear charging table based solely on your Shariot's class & booking time.


Car rental near you. 100+ locations on initial launch with 100+ new locations to be added.


Local customer service staff with 24/7 live chat support.

Safety Ensured

We regularly sanitise, clean and maintain our vehicles to ensure that they are kept in the best condition possible. In lieu of COVID-19, Shariot has partnered with Erst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a leading German-based specialist in sustainable technologies for long term disinfection applied called Erstotizer, a functional surface coating applied to all of our vehicles.