Shariot's 12-Days of Christmas "Refer-A-Friend" Promotion Terms & Conditions

Shariot’s 12-Days of Christmas Promotion Overview:

Daily Promotions:

From the fixed dates of 14th December (0:00) to 25th December (23:59) Shariot will release to its users, a daily limited number of promotional offers activated by the bookings made on the given day of each promotion.

The promotional credit gained by said user is to apply towards future bookings only.

The cancellation, replacement, manipulation of the offer or selling of Shariot credits for cash is strictly prohibited.


All fully registered Sharioteers who have completed a deposit for use of Shariot’s service are eligible for the pricing, gifts and offer for daily promotions. To learn more about registering or use of service, please refer to our official FAQ.

Shariot’s 12-Days of Christmas “Refer-A-Friend”

This promotion will allow registered users to refer new users (ONLY) to receive Shariot credit upon the completion of their first trip. For each referring user (existing), they will be awarded $100 Shariot Credit. For every new referral, they will receive a one time sum total of $50 Shariot Credit.

Shariot credit awarded can only be used for future booking of Shariot vehicles.

The “12-Days of Christmas Refer-a-friend” promotion will start on 17th December 2020 and will be extended until December 31st 2020. It will require the newly-referred user after verification, place a security deposit, and complete a single trip (no limitations to duration/vehicle class) by no later than December 31st, 2020 in order to receive the awarded amounts for both the referral and the user referring.

ONLY NEW users are eligible for the referral offer.

Current & returning users are NOT eligible for this offer.

There are no date restrictions or blackout dates/times for use of the promotional credit gained for use of a future booking.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.

Referral Process:

To refer, users must share their referral code as found in their “My Referral Code” of the Account. The 6-digit code must be entered by the new user on the first registration page under “Enter Referal Code“. Once registration is completed. The new user will need to place a refundable security deposit for use of the service.

Only after the completion of the referred user’s first trip will both parties be gifted the credited amounts mentioned below:

$100 Shariot Credit for the referring existing member

 $50 for the new user being referred.

There is no limit to the referrals a Sharioteer can be awarded for the referring of a new user. 

Refunds/Redemption of Shariot credits for cash, are strictly prohibited.

For more information on our Refund Policy as well as our Terms & Conditions see here

Dates for this promotional offer is limited to 17th December (0:00-23:59), 2020 until 31st December.

Terms & Conditions of this offer are subject to change.

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