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Most people from around the world who are looking to broaden their long-distance holiday choose Singapore as their preferred destination. Singapore is a popular haven for business travellers, but the number of tourists visiting the island has been rising in recent times.

Although the island is bestowed with various iconic tourist attractions that are known to be expensive, the good news is there are fairly more beautiful places that provide you with the best tourist attraction in Singapore.

Shariot car sharing and rental services have outlined this article to provide you with various free tourist attraction options that you can choose from. Scroll through and select the preferred destination which you would like to explore.

1. Singapore Botanical Gardens

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Singapore Botanical Gardens is close to the city and is a favourite go-to destination for locals and tourists. The garden has stood the taste of time since it was established in 1859. Singapore Botanical Gardens occupies 82-hectares and plays an important role as the leading tropical botanical institute in Singapore. The botanical garden was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site at the 39th session held in Germany. Additionally, it is the first botanical garden in Asia and the third inscribed globally.

The garden is a cultural landmark where tourists can wander through the tropical botanical displays and look out for the resident white swans that grace the miniature lake. The Botanical Gardens is one of the best free tourist attractions in Singapore. You can take advantage of the free guided tours available at the Botany Centre and Nassim gate. Tourists can choose to explore the Healing Garden, Rainforest and Heritage tours available on the first, second and fourth Saturday of every month.

2. Southern Ridges

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Southern Ridges is one of Singapore’s best free tourist attractions due to its greenery and connecting bridges. The ridge stretches over a ten-kilometre of green open space spanning the hills of some of Singapore’s most popular parks and gardens, connected by picturesque bridges and trails. The ridge’s stunning trail, exotic birds, forest adventures and panoramic views of the city, harbour, and the Southern Islands make it one of the best hiking trails in Singapore.

Southern Ridge is an ideal tourist attraction since it allows you to explore the outdoors for free amidst fresh air and tall trees, which will take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the city. Most hikers frequent the Southern Ridge due to its different endpoints, allowing you to get off the trail anytime you are exhausted. The Southern Ridge is a habitat for flora and fauna, which adds to its beauty and attraction for nature lovers.

A unique tourist attraction at the ridge is the Adinandra belukar- a type of forest that regenerates after exhaustive agriculture exploitation. You can explore a secondary forest through two bridges, the Forest Walk and the Canopy walk at the Southern Ridges. You can catch a glimpse of your favourite bird in their natural habitat along the Southern Ridges and take Instagram-worthy shots.

3. NEWater Plant

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NEWater Plant is among one of the best free tourist attractions in Singapore that can help you get a glimpse of how wastewater is cleaned up and made safe for drinking. The NEWater plant is built on top of the existing Changi water reclamation Plant and adds 50 million gallons per day of high-grade recycled water for industrial purposes.

The plant is a popular tourist destination in a bid to get a glimpse of the technology that makes it possible through interactive exhibits at the NEWater Visitor Centre. You can visit the interactive platform of the Plant- NEWater Visitor Centre and get enlightened about water sustainability and how NEWater is produced. The centre provides fun-filled and enriching times for all visitors of different age groups through their workshops and interactive tours.

Interestingly, NEWater Plant has a public website where visitors are allowed to book a tour online from Tuesday to Sunday. Visitors will get an opportunity to explore the Waterwise Arcade and experience what it feels like to be a water molecule undergoing treatment. You will discover membrane and ultraviolet technologies which help NEWater to stay clean. You can sign up for complimentary fun education activities at NEWater Plant, including Outdoor Classroom, Water Ambassador and NEWater Scientist Programme.

4. Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

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The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre spans the 300m long waterfront along Marina Bay and holds a 1600-seat Concert hall and a 2000-seat theatre. The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre is among the best free tourist attractions due to its diverse space showcasing various performances, ranging from music to dance and theatre.

You can pop in at the Esplanade at any time of the day or night and spoil yourself with their palpable creative vibe. You will be greeted by a visual arts display at the main entrance of the Esplanade, and if you are fortunate enough, you can catch the world-class performances live. The Esplanade is an ideal tourist attraction since the shows featured cut across genres and cultures; thus, you can enjoy a Western concert such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the Chinese play.

Most Singaporeans have nicknamed the Esplanade the Durian due to its resemblance to the popular fruit. Despite having several intimate performance venues at the Esplanade, all music, dance, and theatre programmes are free for all visitors. Pop in at the Esplanade Mall and catch a pre-show dinner or coffee before attending the performance at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

The good news is you can explore the entire complex by taking an Esplanade Tour, which will enlighten you about the concert hall, theatre and other front-of-house facilities. Additionally, the guided tour will give you insight into the venue’s acoustics, history, architecture, and input on Singapore’s art scene. Ensure you arrive early if you want to snap up a seat since they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. National Library

The National Library is a 16-story building in Singapore, providing a tranquil place to reprieve from noisy city life. The facility is one of the best tourist attractions since it is located in a cultural hub and is the biggest public library in Singapore. Book warmers can enjoy browsing through the reference library in various fields, including technology, arts, local history and science.

The National Library houses two libraries- The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, located on Levels 7 to 13, and the Central Public Library, found in the basement. Visitors to the library can visit The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library to learn about Singapore’s literacy and publishing heritage.

You can head to the basement to discover more about fiction novels and self-improvement publications. The National Library has various unique features which make it an ideal tourist attraction, including exhibition spaces, drama centre, function and events space on its rooftop on the 16th floor. Moreover, you can get stunning views of the city from the library’s elevated shy bridges. Since you don’t have to pay a dime to gain access to the National Library, head there and explore.

6. Gardens by the Bay

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Gardens by the Bay is strategically located close to the Central Business District, making it convenient to visit. The park consists of high-tech greenhouses, rooftop gardens, beautiful waterfalls, romantic places, and colossal supertree groves connected by an aerial walkway. The garden is a frequent tourist destination due to its breathtaking waterfront view, enabling you to rejuvenate as you stroll through the walkway.

The garden has massive supertrees ranging from 9 to 16 storeys. When you walk between two supertrees, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire garden. You can also glimpse the beautiful flora and fauna in the garden. A unique feature to admire in the garden is the architectural marvel that reimagines nature with artistic fitness.

Garden by the Bay lights up at night when a rainbow of coloured illuminations makes it the perfect place for a romantic stroll with your significant other. You can take an evening walk amidst the supertrees as you admire the beautiful sky shows with colourful lights and sounds. Consequently, head over to this free tourist attraction and explore mother nature as you clear off your mind.

7. Marina Barrage

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Marina Barrage is an iconic attraction in Singapore that consists of a dam and a recreational site. This multipurpose area is among the best free tourist attractions on the island since it aids water storage and flood control for the entire Singapore. Most tourists are attracted to Marina Barrage as a recreation place due to its rooftop park, which has a dam ideal for kite flying and picnicking.

Additionally, it has an elevated patch of green space which overlooks the city skyline, thus, making it a good spot for sightseeing and catching a glimpse of the breath-taking sunsets. The best time to visit the Barrage is in the evening when you will see stunning sky views filled with colourful kites of all shapes and sizes. A trip to Marina Barrage is incomplete without taking Instagram-worthy snaps for a memorable experience.

You can visit the Marina Barrage website, book an interactive tour via the visitor centre, and admire various cool art installations and sculptures dotted around the site. Your little guys are not left behind since they can explore the fountain area on the ground level, which is an ideal spot for them to cool off while making a splash. The good news is that Marina Barrage opens around the clock and is free for all who wish to explore.

8. Merlion Park

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Merlion Park is a popular destination among travellers acquainted with Singapore due to its iconic statue – the Merlion consisting of the body of a fish and the head of a lion. The Merlion’s fish-like body represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village, while the lion head symbolises the city’s original name of Singapura (lion city in Sanskrit).

The Merlion statue stands at 8.6 meters and weighs 70 tonnes, and is seen continuously spurting water from its mouth. You can catch breathtaking views as you watch the Merlion spurt water into the picturesque Marina Bay. Most tourists who visit Merlion Park are often seen bustling for the position of Singapore’s sought-after photo-op in front of the iconic statue. Therefore, take advantage of the free provision and explore Merlion Park during their day tours.

9. Civic District

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Civic District is among the best free tourist attractions since you will learn about the history behind the birth of modern Singapore. Some of the admirable colonial buildings include the neoclassical Asian Civilizations Museum, the Victoria Theatre and Concert hall and Old Parliament House, originally built as the Victorian mansion.

You can also glimpse elaborate sculptures atop the former Supreme Court and neoclassical City Hall, supported by impressive Corinthian columns. You can visit the chopsticks at the Civic District, which is a Civilian War Memorial that honours all civilians who died during the Japanese occupation. You will have an opportunity to learn and appreciate the milestone Singapore had to overcome to become the beautiful island it is today.

10. Memorials

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The Memorial is located at Kranji War Cemetery. The 60-foot war memorial is dedicated to soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I and II. The Memorial is an ideal tourist destination since, upon the visit, you can see the names of the soldiers inscribed on the bronze tablets.

Other highlights you can see are the towering four-pillared Civilian War Memorial and the Tan Kim Seng Fountain, a Victorian monument with three tiers of classical Greek figurines. The Octagonal padoga known as the Lim Bo Seng Memorial has an intricate, three-tiered bronze roof and four lions at its base, paying homage to Singapore’s World War II hero.

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